The Truth About The Slipcc App

Review #1 – JessMan55 is one of the biggest hookup sites in all of cyberspace, with only 40 million active members. It only makes sense for the website to have a corresponding app in order to compete with big players like OKCupid and Tindr. According to a Slipcc app review, the app seemed to be a good idea so I decided to give it a go. I downloaded the app for free but was shocked to discover that it takes special memberships to gain access to every feature. It was irritating at first but I agreed to the cheaper Silver membership and began swiping around.

I found the app’s interface to be fine although it wasn’t as user-friendly as Tindr. Nowadays, people expect things to work quickly – especially if the thing is supposed to get them laid. Not only did it cost me money, but also time as it took a bit for me to find some decent matches. I eventually did hook up with a few chicks here and there but after a month, I decided to quit. The investment simply wasn’t worth the time when I can easily get casual hookups from other sources in less time for less money. I give this app a B- at best, maybe even a C+.

Review #2 – SilverSlippers

I’ve been using the app for a while now and have found it to be pretty awesome. Most of the app reviews I read are hornball guys talking about their various sexual conquests via their site of choice but I can honestly say that Slipcc is not just for sex but also companionship. I started using it in my old town to find like minded lesbians interested in sharing stories and friendship – it was only later that I started finding girls that I wanted to randomly fuck. It was as though my worlds were colliding.

I’m not trying to have a million sexual partners in a month – I do fine with myself. But it is nice to have a warm body next to me, especially one who wants to lick my pussy. I just want people to know that it’s okay to find actual friends on this app and that there are other people who feel the same way. Don’t use Slipcc just to get off – use it to build relationships, networks and lifelong legitimate friends. You may be surprised by what – or who – you end up finding.

Review #3 – TobeStar21

Slipcc is a load of crap – it’s a total scam and I will never use it again. All I kept hearing around the web was that this site – and its app – was the only way to find legit fuck buddies that are only interested in casual encounters. People said the app was free, easy-to-use and got you results. Yeah I could download the app and sign up for free but I still had to pay in order to seal the deal. Once I put my credit card numbers in, all of the hot sluts in my area seemed to disappear and all of the ugly dogs came out. Yeah I understand that less than attractive people need to fuck too – but I am not interested. Don’t promise me hot sluts craving my cock when they’re really overweight cat ladies. The app was stupid and a rip-off; if I could give it like negative a million stars believe me, I would.

Review #4 – JennaismyHomeGirl

I am not your average guy online looking for a good time – I am an actual catch that could be husband material. But I don’t want to settle down right now – I want to eat as much pussy as possible before that time in my life. My parents married when they were 18 and never fucked anyone else – talk about a nightmare. I love the Slipcc app because it helps me find cute girls in my town that want to meet up and maybe end up back at my place. But I am not like the majority of dudes on the app, simply going from girl to girl to girl. I’d rather have a few quality ladies who want to get together when convenient with no strings. Do I still want to have fun with them, maybe even go to dinner? Sure – but it’s not going to be anything serious, and the girls know that and agree with it. That’s what’s so cool about Slipcc – the fact that there are actually women out there who want what I do – a little bit of naughty yet classy fun without the bore of a relationship. I suggest more guys use this approach – a few good ladies to booty call is way better than randomly swiping for some stranger. For me, it’s all about quality, not quantity, and Slipcc helped me achieve that.